Welcome to Croatia, Welcome to Međimurje, Welcome to St. Martin.

The foundations of CRO100 were laid down by the recent success of the Croatian womens ultra running team on the world scene. This event will enable them to shine on home soil.

After a few years of planning, putting on trial events to test the venue and the course, we made sure everything was ready to host a World Championship. Our candidacy for the 2018 championship was successful and approved by a cohort of leading IAU officials, Hilary Walker, Nadeem Khan and Francisco Rico. The date and venue was set. It would take place on September 8th 2018, 7am, at Terme Sv. Martin.

The 100k distance is a formally recognized road running discipline under the patronage of the IAAF, therefore annual national, continental and world championships are staged under the tutelage of the International Association of Ultrarunners.

The tradition of staging „Hundreds“ in Croatia is a recent phenomenon with roots in the 1970’s and 80’s when “Varaždinska Stotka”, a prestigious was taking place in the Northern Croatian town of Varaždin. The 100’s stayed in the North, a group of running enthusiasts revived the tradition of staging 100’s. Forrest Gump started out as an informal race taking place in Zagreb and acted as a harbinger of new ultra times in Croatia. Finally in 2016 the CRO100 project was set in motion and the Sv Martin venue chosen as the home of a new and now very formal 100 that meets all the needs of ultra runners.

CRO100 is the result of cooperation between A.K.Sljeme, the running club that acts as the forbearer of ultrarunning in Croatia, and the hotel complex Life Terme Sv. Martin, a regional tourist leader renowned for hosting cycling endurance events like the Tour Of Croatia and HARDCRO. The destination is situated in the heart of the Međimurje region and close to Slovenia, Austria and Hungary three ultra running strongholds.

The world championships will host the best ultra runner s from the entire world, including teams from the traditional dominant ultrarunning forces; Japan and the USA.

The Croatian women’s team is considered one of the favourites but the venue of a 100 km race is „where dreams come to die“, the finish line being the final judge of success.

The programme of the event will include a Masters championship, figuring as the World Masters 100 championships, under the tutelage of WMA, World Master Athletics.

An open race will also take place with a cap of 100 runners that will be able to test their prowess against the best ultrarunners of the world at the 100 km distance.

The race route of CRO100 follows the paths where just 100 years ago the forbearers of ultrurunning in this area, local farm workers, were regularly doing 100 km errands, then considered normal. These days we consider it an extreme sport.